Fading Light..

Standing at the balcony, staring at the fading moonlight,

Somehow, somewhere it felt as though life was fading away.

Grief, anger, sadness- there are countless emotions,

Weirdly- all that I felt was completely blank.

It seemed as though my own world is distant,

It seemed as though I was sinking and slowly losing my grip.

Are these just episodes or a clear sign?

Am I alienating from myself yet again?

Scared or scarred – I am no longer sure,

To attempt to breathe, seems pointless like never before.

Stuck in an unending maze,

Routes to break free seem covered in haze.

Shackles each day tightening its grips,

The urge to cling on slowly fading like those faint streaks.

They say there comes a dawn after every dusk,

But why does this dawn seem to have lost sight unasked?

The bottled up chaos rests in the graveyard,

And all that is left is a vacuum spread thousands of yards.

Staring at the fading moonlight,

All that I feel is life falling apart,

All that I feel is falling apart.


That Rain

Dark is the sky,

Seems those cotton balls up above are about to cry.

While people around are in haste,

She seemed nonchalant yet poised.

The darkness seems to now evade,

Roaring thunder and lightning seem to fill the sky with a new shade.

There she is standing at her window,

Staring at those droplets of rain rolling down the windowpane,

Lost in a world devoid of pain.

The cold breeze plays with her hair,

Undisturbed she is from the frolic so far.

The soil is now damp and emanates a wet scent,

She takes a deep breath and inhales it to her heart’s content.

It’s been a while and the first storm of the season has now subsided,

She is still there at the window staring in vacuum,

She is still there lost in her own world of equilibrium.


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