Gentleman or Just Man?

The hustle and bustle in the town has fallen silent,

Now that Dussehra is over, all left is memories of the days passed by to reminiscent.

The nine day fairy tale of respect is now clouded by reality,

She coined as “Maa” then is now an “object” for society.

Those eyes would scan and hands would grope you,

And those saree clad aunties, they would not support but rather slam you.

Keep your ears open to new headlines of rape cases,

Shocked? But why? 

Sigh! Were you expecting a changed mindset in the masses?

Those are just puppets of Ravana that burn every year,

None let’s go off the Ravana residing deep within them, for that matter.

Stop worshipping women for the sake of it, when respect doesn’t come from deep within,

Let them not set false hopes to see you as a changed man when eventually you are not planning,

You don’t need Dussehra to respect a woman,

Burn the Ravana in now, and be a true gentleman!


Black Hole

Have you ever felt heavy in the head but empty at heart?

Have you ever felt unending chaos within you yet voiceless at the same time?

Some questions asked with answers already known,

Some hopes unsaid and some crushed down,

She ran from the said once again just to fall down.

Eyes twinkling and lips sealed,

A tsunami swirling yet stays unsaid.

A thousand stabs taken over and over without a sigh,

Wings curtailed, how does one soar high?

Emotions were but just a mockery,

Statements endless- truth or flattery?

Draped in clothes yet she feels naked,

She gave it her all just to reach a dead end.

Reality stands grinning at her face,

She is but a puppet to circumstances in place.

An endless black hole,

Voiceless and smiling,

She is empty to the core.

She is but empty to the core.


Successful Relationship- A Myth or a Reality

The other day, I was conversing with my bae, about how to make our relationship status rank to be one of the most successful ones? I was stunned at his response- “Successful relation, Oh! Come on, get over it, it does not exist in real life.” I was honestly disappointed and he could sense that.

He walked up to me and pulled me to his arms and asked- Okay! So, what is a successful relation? I was silent. Realizing, I am not going to respond, he spoke- In todays’ time, a successful relation is one, where internally even if your heart is bleeding, externally you display to be the happiest of all. If that is how you want our relation to be, sorry, I cannot do that. I wondered, after all, he was correct.

Our inner egos are so big that we rarely sit down for a discussion, listen to each other and sort out our differences. The male counterpart tends to always have the upper hand in a relationship, there are exceptions, and touchwood, I have been lucky in that case, my partner is a real gem.

A relation should be as such where you can pour your heart out without needing to worry about anything. Free flow of emotions is a rare thing. You should respect each other’s wishes and allow them the needed private space. Needless to mention, care and love is something that is needed in each relation.

Male or female ego, clash of words, violence and abuses, trust issues should never crop up in a relation. Once these seedlings are planted, there is nothing that can save your relationship from doom. These are like termites that would eat up your relationship slowly and gradually and you would be left with negative emotions and hatred towards your partner.

It is not that complicated a task to sustain a healthy relationship. A little bit of effort from both the parties, display of love, respect for each other, trust and most importantly, open communication and Yayy! A happy healthy relationship is established.

Over the years, I have come across couples whose outer presence seems so overwhelming, that you grow envious of their relationship and wish one such relation of your own, however the reality is completely different (of course, not all). A makeup to cover the scars and bruises and you can shun a fake smile as well, but if you look deep into their eyes, you can feel the sorrow and sadness that is towered on them. On a personal level, I would never want a glamorous look and feel of my relationship just for display to the outer world, rather, I would prefer one simple, caring and loving partner who knows the values of respect and dignity.

As it is said, respect each other and your hopes and aspirations of a successful relationship would soon be a reality and a source of inspiration for all.

“I would rather keep my head held high in a relationship or walk off from it.”

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