The Thunderstorm..

It was the month of January,

The air had this dead coldness, pretty much scary.

Life around seemed dull and stranded,

Seemed at a graveyard I had landed.

The cold breeze cut through the veins,

A sense of eeriness in me seemed to reign.

Dark clouds hovered in the sky,

The restlessness in me seemed to just multiply.

The thundering clouds signaled a storm,

My brain seemed to transport to that closed dorm,

Memories of which I have tried to ignore for so long.

The scene was terrifying,

A stool, a loose rope, a body, and lots of hue and crying.

It was back in college time; A deep breath and now I am sighing!

Room 404 was closed that day longer than expected,

We thought this is normal and were least affected.

It was raining profusely and also thundering,

Her roomie broke open the door and fainted screaming,

Within moments, there accumulated a gathering.

She was hanging from the ceiling and her wrist was bleeding,

And her eyes were there wide open from the asphyxiation.

There were immediate investigations and lots of blaming,

The truth never surfaced and till now the family is lamenting.

She was more than a friend and the scene was heart wrenching,

Depression had its grip and my condition kept deteriorating.

Changed college, left the city,

None seemed to work and all others felt was pity.

Been 12 years since she is gone,

I have embraced rain but I am still afraid of a thunderstorm.

I cannot still face a thunderstorm.


That Rain

Dark is the sky,

Seems those cotton balls up above are about to cry.

While people around are in haste,

She seemed nonchalant yet poised.

The darkness seems to now evade,

Roaring thunder and lightning seem to fill the sky with a new shade.

There she is standing at her window,

Staring at those droplets of rain rolling down the windowpane,

Lost in a world devoid of pain.

The cold breeze plays with her hair,

Undisturbed she is from the frolic so far.

The soil is now damp and emanates a wet scent,

She takes a deep breath and inhales it to her heart’s content.

It’s been a while and the first storm of the season has now subsided,

She is still there at the window staring in vacuum,

She is still there lost in her own world of equilibrium.


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