Gentleman or Just Man?

The hustle and bustle in the town has fallen silent,

Now that Dussehra is over, all left is memories of the days passed by to reminiscent.

The nine day fairy tale of respect is now clouded by reality,

She coined as “Maa” then is now an “object” for society.

Those eyes would scan and hands would grope you,

And those saree clad aunties, they would not support but rather slam you.

Keep your ears open to new headlines of rape cases,

Shocked? But why? 

Sigh! Were you expecting a changed mindset in the masses?

Those are just puppets of Ravana that burn every year,

None let’s go off the Ravana residing deep within them, for that matter.

Stop worshipping women for the sake of it, when respect doesn’t come from deep within,

Let them not set false hopes to see you as a changed man when eventually you are not planning,

You don’t need Dussehra to respect a woman,

Burn the Ravana in now, and be a true gentleman!


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