Black Hole

Have you ever felt heavy in the head but empty at heart?

Have you ever felt unending chaos within you yet voiceless at the same time?

Some questions asked with answers already known,

Some hopes unsaid and some crushed down,

She ran from the said once again just to fall down.

Eyes twinkling and lips sealed,

A tsunami swirling yet stays unsaid.

A thousand stabs taken over and over without a sigh,

Wings curtailed, how does one soar high?

Emotions were but just a mockery,

Statements endless- truth or flattery?

Draped in clothes yet she feels naked,

She gave it her all just to reach a dead end.

Reality stands grinning at her face,

She is but a puppet to circumstances in place.

An endless black hole,

Voiceless and smiling,

She is empty to the core.

She is but empty to the core.


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