The Moonlight

There I was at my balcony puffing a cigarette,

Earphones plugged in, soft music and absolutely zero thoughts,

Standing there enjoying the solace and stillness before dawn,

Embracing the peace that the standstill night evoked.

The cool breeze brushing across my face,

The moon playing hide and seek among those floating cotton balls,

The moonlight planting soft kisses on my forehead,

For a moment, it felt as though I belonged to this place,

For a moment, the world didn’t seem that distant.


The vision turned blurry and anxiety crept in,

That door of thoughts suddenly engulfed me in all swing.

Angst, grief, resentment- the list is too long to end,

Thoughts went haywire and limbs jello to even stand.

Struggling to catch breath, that cigarette burnt my hand,

Thankful to this sensation which broke the delirium,

The uneven ragged breaths finally fall back in pattern.

A searing pain which otherwise I couldn’t withstand,

Another episode of anxiety and a burnt hand,

Finally, It ends !

© Arpita

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