Dreaming…Was I?

I woke up to a searing pain in my chest today,

I wasn’t thinking of anything whilst I fell asleep or was I?

Gasping for breath, I couldn’t make sense of the parody.

Hands cold and goosebumps all over,

The room was pitch dark; I remember trembling with fear.

A hissing sound and ragged breath at the back of my neck,

Hysterical laughter echoing through the darkness and the smell of rotten breath just made me shiver.

I struggled to move, it was as though I was paralyzed,

That pain in the chest kept intensifying,

And that whimsical laughter-

It echoed through the room without stopping,

It felt as though within a blink my heart would stop beating,

It seemed none could save me now or hear my screaming.

A loud jolt at the door and I saw a figure frantically speeding in,

For a brief second, it felt as if I was  hysterically shaking.

Eyes were now wide open, 

All I could see and hear was mom’s panicked face and my dog barking.

The smell, the laughter everything had now disappeared,

Mom said she heard me loudly screaming,

Things somehow weren’t just adding.

But that ragged breath? That laughter?

Everything I felt.. was I only dreaming?

That whimsical laugh – I just couldn’t stop thinking,

Could it be that I was only dreaming?

Could I be just dreaming?



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