The Pricks


“Emotions- especially too much sensitivity sometimes leads you into a vicious circle.”

Ira was a modern-day girl who believed in defying social norms and breaking stereotypes. She believed in ‘equality above all.’ But then is belief only enough?

She faced criticisms and was every other day schooled at home to live by the norms of the society and not act like an outcast. She always used to question back- ‘Who set these standards? Who decides how I live my life?’

She was a born rebel until that unfortunate day. A day that turned her confidence into insecurities. A day she wished she wouldn’t have had to face. 

She was at a friend’s place discussing some projects over drinks. Well, that friend was one of those who believed in speaking out for what is right, irrespective of whoever is in front. But guess, things do change when it comes to loved ones.

The mother-son duo was arguing about something she couldn’t really make out. All of a sudden, a summon was sent for her to be downstairs. They sent a kid upstairs to call her stating that work can be done later and she needs to move downstairs immediately. She had sensed by then that things weren’t going to be all glossy. But then she knew that her friend would speak out if things went wrong.

She reached downstairs, greeted aunty. Her friend followed suit but aunty was furious and asked him to leave. She then blurted out something that I am sure no girl would ever want to listen or go through. She molded her words a bit stating that she has given her son enough freedom to do things he wants but that wasn’t working out. She simply without a second thought said- Moving forward please DO NOT come to our house. You might work at your own place or get a room for whatever you both want to do but don’t come here.” Her friend only managed to say- ‘We’ll see to it.’ And tried to change the topic in a different direction.

An angry rebel who yells out at all the wrongdoings only managed to say- ‘Sure Aunty.’ This wasn’t because she had nothing to say, but because she didn’t want to disrespect an elderly woman. And moreover, she had expected her friend to speak up.

She quietly went back upstairs, sat there for some time, and left early. She was out of nowhere simply made to feel like a ‘slut’, as though she was there for some other business and not work. She couldn’t believe her ears and kept wondering how a woman manages to demean a woman and then talk of being of an evolved mindset

Her friend continued with explanations that she was angry with him and took it out this way and that he did speak up. He even said he doesn’t bother about relationships when things are wrong. But where were these ideologies when a firm stand was needed? Do these even make sense when the damage was done?

Words- no matter how little, can break a soul.”

It has been some time since the incident. Ira has started to believe that she was at fault. Maybe the lady was right, maybe she should have never gone. The words keep ringing in her ears. Her beliefs are shaken and she has started to question her own ideologies. She still cannot understand the theory behind aunty choosing to call and demean her when she had issues with her son. Aunty has a daughter too and if we swap places for a fraction of a second, did she ever wonder how her daughter might have felt if the same kind of treatment was done with her? She has always tried to be there for her daughter and son, but if this is the reward of being there for the family, she now feels she is better off alone than with people who degrade her. Even more, what do we call a friend who cares to come to give you explanations and claim to understand how you feel but chose to stay mum when the wrong was done? 

Maybe…maybe.. because it was his mother. But would he have stayed silent if it was his sister? He knew the hardships and struggles Ira has had in her life and still chose to let it happen. Probably Ira expected too much of a friend. And maybe that is why today she is so shaken that she questions each of her beliefs and values.

It is to be seen what turns Ira’s life takes and whether she would be able to overcome the morbid feeling she is going through.

“Some words just scratch the surface; while others strike and shatter the soul.”


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