Dusk to Dawn

A journey from dusk to dawn,

It is easier said than done.

Mental affirmations and a boost from loved ones, 

A gazillion coaxing to just be able to stand firm,

Yet- there she is failing and drifting to shadows which she never yearned.

The twinkly eyes have now lost the spark,

They seem empty and lost in an abyss dark.

Her face is wrinkled at a young age,

It talks volume only if one could flip through the page.

Dusk seems to be the new solace,

She seems to be traveling in a never-ending maze.

Feeble attempts to catch a glimpse of dawn,

And retreats with endless silent moans.

With hopes to one day succeed,

In this journey from dusk to dawn; she breathes.

The struggle within is inexplicable,

Yet tiny steps, she each day travels,

In the conquest of her share of dawn; tiny steps, she each day travels.


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