Her Mirage

It’s 03:00 am in the night and she is still awake,
Stressed and tensed while he puts his life at stake.
Shaken she is and he is drunk,
In her veins, the fear has deeply sunk.
He is miles away and devastated,
She is trying her best to keep him from sinking into that state.
She knows she is walking towards a mirage,
She knows she will end up being messed at large.
But the urge is strong,
And why not? After all she is humane.
Under the moonlight, the gentle breeze strokes her hair,
He drove at insane speed drunk just to see her.
She is his solace, she is his support,
She knows she will be there for him no matter what the cost.
While he laid his head on her lap,
While he inhaled her smell under his breath,
A sense of calm adorned his tensed state,
He knew he was now safe in her embrace.
A trickled teardrop and a gentle kiss on his forehead,
She caresses his hair and stroked circles on his head.
Under the shade of those shimmering stars and magnetic moonlight,
She knew for him with the world she could fight.
While tomorrow dawn, he will again be out of sight,
She knows just to keep him safe, with the world she can fight!

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