The Demons

It has been so many years,
Yet, still fresh is that fear.
She was two then,
A bubbly, chubby kid back then.
Loved by all, she was the center of attraction,
She was apt in securing all the attention.
Diwali was round the corner,
The house was filled with relatives from all over.
Never did we imagine,
Darkness was actually hovering.
He was 18, and a cousin,
Innocent a face, but predator from within.
He started it off as a game,
She was too small to understand the same.
He laid his hands all over, left her in pain and fear,
She wanted to tell her parents, 
But her age did not let her comprehend.
The pain was excruciating,
Late at night, she ended up screaming.
Rushed to the doctors aid,
They couldn’t believe what the doctor said.
She was raped, and her organs damaged,
The instance was repeated, and the family was in rage.
When she regained senses, she finally revealed the name,
Behind the bars is that monster, and should stay the same.
Her body took years to recover, but her mind is still in trauma,
Psychiatrists, guidance, they did all they could to take care.
Every Diwali, she is still a scared soul,
Trying hard to recover from the scar once and for all.
With time, she will heal for sure,
With time, she will be a new person.
But do you wonder every year how many kids are a prey to such demons?
It is time we raise awareness and show these monsters their true space,
It is time we stand united and fight to save our little ones from these evil faces.

© Arpita

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