Hormonal Patriotism

15th August, yes, it is that historic day,

After innumerable sacrifices, it came our way.

A day of which every Indian is proud,

A day where celebrations are loud.

The tricolor fluttering high in the air,

Gallant shows and performances are all part of the jubilant fair.

A day when the hormones of patriotism are at its peak,

Social media flooded with status updates and clicks.

Biologically hormones soothe down in some period,

And here our patriotism dies down in 24 hours (Period).

Flags decorate the streets, while garbage from the celebration are at every open field,

The same old tradition of rape, killings, and crime becomes the need.

Media flashes news of molestation that happened on the big day,

Independent, are we actually in any way?

Hate speech and long talks fill social media,

Those patriots out there suddenly suffer from dementia.

While even our animals here get raped,

While no gender here is safe,

While we know and see all but act blind and deaf,

While a bone-chilling crime entails here in every page,

While a new history would never happen here until we change,

While we would celebrate independence each passing year,

The irony-

This “Independence” is a mockery while we live in fear!

‘Happy Independence Day’– from a scared citizen!!



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