Years ago, she was full of life,

Today all she feels is hollow from inside.

Some tangled strings, some broken chords,

Manages to inflict pain, like being stabbed by a sword.

Stuck in the time while you were here,

Still cannot believe, you are no longer there.

That peace while you pulled me in a bear hug,

Irreplaceable it is, can’t be felt in any other hug.

The soft goodnight kisses you planted on my forehead,

Every time I longed for it, my heart bled.

I wish I could see you one last time,

I wish I could put a stopper to this time.

Hug you strong, and sleep on your laps,

It’s been too long since I had a peaceful nap.

I know you are there watching me,

Your little ‘Mumma’ is fragile, you see.

I want to feel that hand on my shoulder,

I want to see your name flash on my dialer.

You left too soon, 

Leaving behind a vacuum.

On one of these dreadful days,

All I long for is your embrace.

I know it’s childish and immature,

But my heart is bleeding and I don’t know the cure.

Your little one is at unrest and pain,

Papa, please come back once again.

Papa, will you please come to hug me once again?


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