Be The Change

A hazy and cloudy morning,

Here I am seated at the balcony reading.

Flurrying through the pages of the bulletin,

A headline just happened to grab my attention.

It read- “ A 17 months old girl was raped on the streets of Delhi yesterday night.”

I will be honest, rape these days is nothing but a mockery in bright daylight.

We would again jam the streets with candle marches and protests,

The accused will either flee or serve a sentence.

Irony is, the sentence would be more of a parole,

Endless dates at the court, would be the scenario as usual.

Sympathy game and vote mongers would play their charm,

A few weeks passed, and they would no longer do the run.

The voice of the public would gradually subside,

Media would pay no heed as the news would be too old to create any hype.

The monster would roam free in search of his new prey,

The family would stay devastated knowing justice would not come their way.

Grave and heinous is this act,

Immediate action is the only way to react.

Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao is worthless for that matter,

When you cannot fend a Beti from the lusts of a cynical monster.

You are the public, you are the power,

Show your courage and bring the change which is the need of the hour.

Democracy is a pun under the present circumstance,

The day a woman feels safe to roam free and take her stance,

That my dear, would be “Democracy”, in the truest sense!




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