Music- Her Saviour

That night had an eerie silence,

It seemed as though happiness had lost its essence.

Dark clouds enveloped the sky, 

An advancing storm seemed just nearby.

There she was seated in her room,

Haywire thoughts, distant and wrapped in a cocoon.

That little voice playing at the back of her mind,

The feeling of hopelessness, in it she was confined.

The longing to hang on to life slowly was fading away,

That night, she just wanted to ruthlessly end the play.

The deafening silence and her state was now perturbed by the notes of a piano playing at a distance,

She was now at the pavement following the notes, it appeared as though she was hypnotized.

It was her dad’s tune; the flooding memories she just couldn’t brush aside,

That little suicidal voice had now faded and now she woke to conscience.

That tone, that music that night was her saviour in moments of vulnerability and plight,

Music is what fills her soul and lets her shine bright,

Music today is her only guiding light!




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