A Message for Paa..

Hey there Gentleman,

I see you are also on the way to heaven.

Since you are going to where my Dad is-

Could you please meet him? – I insist.

I assure you he won’t be hard to find,

For he is one of a kind.

Heavy voice and with one swollen cheek,

Don’t worry, it is no wound, he just has a betel leaf in it.

For he loved to chew it here,

Hence, I am sure, he will continue the same there.

He may be playing with the children,

And holding one of them-

Laughing and singing the games of fun,

For he has always loved the kids and their fun.

Now if you haven’t found my Dad yet,

He’s probably kneeling by the throne,

Surrounded by God’s angels,

Praying for his loved ones below.

He wasn’t famous in this world

Nor did any heroic deeds.

He was a strong hard-working man,

Taking care of those in need.

You see, he was my hero of all times,

So, if you see my Dad in heaven

Tell him I’m doing fine.

Let him know how much I miss him

And I think of him most of the time.

You know he was my hero,

So, will you give him a hug or two?

Tell him how much I love him and

I’ll be seeing him someday very soon.


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