That Little Voice

That little voice playing in the back of my mind,

I just want it to stop; that sense of calm-wonder where I can find?

In the crowd or in solitude, it just plays in its own accord,

Even petty things from the past play like reels in my head for the record.

Those unknown battles and the scars,

I want to leave them behind and walk far.

The more I strive to alienate, the louder the voice gets,

Seems some chords still need fixing, just couldn’t figure them yet.

Past or future nowhere I want to brood,

I have lost count of ways I have tried to elude.

That rage flowing through these veins,

It’s lethal and would just sum up to the pain.

While I wish somehow that voice of mine lose its prominence,

When the time is scary, I just hope my conscience stands up in dominance,

I just hope my conscience is in dominance.



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