Freedom is costly in this patriarch world,

She wonders if she can ever be a free bird?

A burden to the world you are when born as a girl,

Flutter free-that is a dream; broken wings- do you think you can ever unfurl?

Alcohol and smoke- ladders for being judged they are, when tried by a girl,

Freedom of speech-“Oh! You mean talking back?”; you are just allowed to shed those pearls.

Shackles invisible keep pulling you down,

The pressure and pain, they are supposed to be your most adorned gown.

And the expectation is- you can never frown.

Yes, suffocated she is,

She longs for her soul to be unleashed.

Understanding she no longer expects,

Desolation and silence is what she has embraced.

The irony is- “Silence“, is what she has embraced!


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