Life- Unsolvable Braid

Those long locks swaying in the air,

Those intense eyes, I have always feared.

The smile curved at the end of your lips,

You there staring at me with your hands above your hips.

You were the epitome of beauty I never wanted to lose,

You were my art and scribbling I endlessly wanted to muse.

The touch of your soft skin,

Made the inner me gleam.

While all was steady and slow, I was not ready for that blow,

The doctors said there is a hindrance in your blood flow.

The glow in you seemed to just fade,

You went pale slowly from your lively shade.

The pain you faced was immense,

I stood strong but it was just pretence.

The fear of losing you killed me each day,

I did try to keep these thoughts at bay.

Slowly you turned so fragile,

I wonder how could life be so vile?

You seemed to sense your end was near,

Truth, I cannot think to bear.

While my world came crumbling down,

I was left with no strength to even frown.

Now that the shade left is dark and gloomy,

I no longer long for a day that is sunny.

I am still stuck in the dilemma of belief and disbelief,

A belief to see you fine and a disbelief that the lively you has just closed down.

Stories and words of wisdom that I have read,

Now I believe those musings have rightly said,

Life is as complex as the locks of a braid,

Life is indeed a complex unsolvable braid!


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