Intertwined Emotions

“Diyu, will you marry me?”– asked Ranvijay kneeling down on the carpet. And Diksha was all rosy. Sounds like a romantic love scene, isn’t it? It is the 70th marriage anniversary of Diksha and Ranvijay, who are proud grand-parents now. Who said love understands the maths of ages? Look at them, they are still so in love.  

Diksha and Ranvijay, were married in a hush-hush ceremony in the year 1947, the year India was independent, Ranvijay chose to be in the loving arms of the love of his life, his Diyu. Hurdles have always been there but their love for each other never died down, with the passage of time, when normally, relations wither away, their love for each other kept magnifying.

Today they are all surrounded by their children and grandchildren for the celebrations. Akshit, son of the couple, had planned a surprise for them and it was time to unfold it.

Ahem, Ahem, ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please? Thanks for gracing us with your presence. Today on this day, Maa and Paa, I have something for you. I hope you will love it. Two tickets to the honeymoon capital- Paris! Paa, I always knew, you wanted to take Maa to Paris, but you both kept your dreams under cover just to let us grow and so that there never be any shortcomings for us. Now, when I am grown up, and you both have been together for the past 70 years, this is the best I could give you both. Thanks for being there for us kids always. I love you Maa and Paa.”

It was an emotional moment for the family, there was tears in Diksha and Ranvijay’s eyes. Tears of joy, just to see, that their teachings and upbringings, brought them the sweetest payback of their life, in the form of their son, Akshit. A journey of 70 long years, a journey of hardships, could not have borne a sweeter fruit than this, where their kids know the value of relations and family and have not turned themselves into bots in this rat race of life.

Shweta, daughter of the couple and now a mother of two, added more sweetness to the moment with an announcement-

Paa, Ab meri baari hain (Paa, it is my turn now). Akshit get down from the stage. Papa, I always knew, you wanted to take Maa to a long drive, in a car of your own. I even knew your favorite brand. So, on this day, this car keys, is for you and Maa, from my and your son-in-law’s side. It was a Chevrolet spark- a brand, Ranvijay has always loved. Hrithwik(son-in-law)- Papaji, ab jamke maaji ke sath long drive pe jayega (Dad, now go on unlimited long drives with Mom), after all, you are the one, from whom I will take lessons to keep your daughter happy.”

Ranvijay finally spoke- What more do I need in my life when I have such a wonderful family? I will have no regrets and no tensions if I close my eyes now. At least I will die in peace knowing the fact that, my family will always be the way they are, supportive, loving and will stride victorious in any dark phase in their life. I love you my kids. And wify, my Diyu- I love you all the more!

Diksha in tears- I love you too Ranvijay, I love you too!


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  1. This almost remind me of my grandparents. These golden people are attached with a single string, if anything happens to one of them, the other one gets affected. They are live example for the real love. Dont know why it has faded in today’s world.

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