My Bundle of Love

‘Nyx’, ‘Nikku’, ‘Puchu’, ‘Bobba, just call her a name, maybe not even a name, just a sound and she ensured to wiggle her little butt. Even at her last moments, when her vital organs were not working, when her vision was blurry, she tried her best to wiggle that butt of hers.
Baby, you came into our life as a blessing and bonded all of us. You were that bundle of joy, holding whom our happiness knew no bounds, our grief disappeared and now I don’t know where to keep all of these emotions choking me from inside.

You are that bubble we have always been scared to let go off fearing it would burst and all the happiness would just disappear!”

January 01, 2018- Little footsteps of joy walked into our abode and walked all over our heart ensuring to leave unremovable imprints.
Your hopping around the house, those superfast spinners, tail chasing, tantrums to eat food and more, you just made us fall for you all the more.
Oh, yes! That game of chasing the pigeons and running behind flies, you so loved it, Isn’t it Nyxie?
Yes you have fallen sick many times but got up better and strong, just like the fighter you have always been.
I am sure you would remember those tug pulling and fetch we played at any time of the day. You clinging around tagging anywhere we go, putting up a fight if you don’t get a middle seat on the sofa, hiding behind maa when scolded and your immense love for cucumbers and carrots. ‘Health conscious baby!’
May 11th, 2020: You suddenly fell sick, your hind legs weren’t supporting you, but you kept fighting, kept going.
A week passed by and you kept growing weaker and weaker despite the drips and medicines. You did show some improvements until yesterday night when your hind legs lost all movement. You were still talking, still giving us those slurpy licks and wet boops. But we sensed, how hard you were fighting just to be with us.
May 26th, 2020: A temperature of 109°F, heavy breathing and blurred eyesight, we could see you struggle. You were hanging in there, fighting the ultimate, running from it. I saw you blink at me once and that moment something just broke within me. Your throat was dry, and we decided to help you drink some water.. Two spoons in and your head just tilted behind and you left out that long sigh. Exactly at 08:10 am in the morning, you finally gave up on the battle of life and breathed your last right in my arms.
Nyx, words can never define what it did to me to see you take the last breathe in my arms. I was numb, mom and brother in tears and suddenly everything went upside down. It seemed like the soul was drained out of me. You left a void which can never be filled.
I know you are in a good place in safe hands and no longer in pain. You never deserved to be in pain, sorry baby that you had to struggle. Sorry to have let you down, but trust me, we did all we could. We are missing each moment and cannot think of anything else but you, the only solace being ‘knowing you are not in pain‘.

Nikai, run free, play fetch, play your tug, date some handsome doggo’s out there in doggy heaven and make the most out of it, yes, yes, do miss us a little bit too!’

While we are trying our best to cling on to all the memories you have given us over the last two years, you be the wonderful and good girl that you are in the clouds.

Run free in doggy heaven, we love you Nyx and we will see you soon at the other side!”

Lots of Love



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