Let us be Humane

Have you ever felt that heaviness in your chest, like being placed under a huge weight? Have you ever gotten answers to the analysis of that choked and short gasps you manage to take due to that heaviness?  help

Each one might have a different answer to it- maybe a situation, a scar, a break up, loss of a loved one and more. But how does one explain when they feel a lot of emotions yet empty, just unable to channelize the cause causing the heaviness?

The hollowness inside slowly corrodes the person turning them into mere flesh and bones. And what is a body after all without a soul and without emotions?

They express differently, react differently, are filled to the brim with so many shades yet feel so empty. They may be suffering from depression, may be not; may be self destructive and again may be not. They end up being the support system for all and yet are the most complex of all beings. I definitely have not seen the whole wide world but say this having dealt with few such folks in my circle. They melt with care and all they desire is love, they need immense love and understanding.


It isn’t always about breakups, family problems, situations, failed marriages; there is a lot more to look for in a person, a lot more to embrace and let go at the same time.


Compassion, a kind-heart, patience and love can heal even the most broken and bruised souls. All you need is to be open to embrace. 

Let us all work towards being more compassionate and make this world a better place to live.


P.S- I am not a psychologist, but have seen love and care transform a lot of broken lives. They are free, let them flow in abundance, let them heal.


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