The Unsaid

Words- they have magic in them. They paint your world with all the colours, they let all those emotions flow free, they are the unsaid expressions that add meaning to life. Words are powerful, words are the elixir of any relationship.

But are words enough? Can we always put words to the web of thoughts in our mind?

Trishna- born in a lower middle class family somewhere in the outskirts of Bengal. She was different from the rest of the girls of her age. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her a complex personality. While most girls of her age fancied fashion, she had a liking towards art, a rather strong liking.

Trishna lost her father at a very young age. One can only imagine the hardships and pain that follow with the loss of a guardian let alone the thoughts that run through the mind of a young child. 

But life goes on! Be it her board exams or graduation, Trishna kept going, kept soaring heights, and everytime she achieved something, she missed that one person in her life who meant the world to her. 

It is his 15th death anniversary today. All these years, Trishna never spoke about the turmoil in her heart. She was part of the patriarch family, and one can understand the limitations being part of one such family. She is at a stage where she feels dejected, desolate and there are endless thoughts and scars deep hidden in her soul. Her screams are unheard and her scars unseen. She expected warmth, care and understanding but got only disappointments.

She doesn’t know if it is depression or normal to be and feel this way. Her mind is bogged with endless thoughts, thoughts that sometimes suffocate her, thoughts that exhaust her, that drain the life out of her. 

The worst- she just fails to put words to those thoughts. 

A big deceiving smile and countless efforts to keep all happy is what Trishna is all about. You remember we told you in the beginning, she loved art- this is the best form of art she displays, this is Trishna’s art.

It is only left to see where would life take her in time to come and if she will ever find her lost self or find one who would help her meet her own self.

“Words are magic but words are not always enough!”


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