The Hope

Far off in a distant land,

Where one dreams of happiness and not fame,

Where no one knows your name.

Let thy wings unfurl there,

Let thy thoughts do all the wonder.

Break those shackles that hold you back,

Triumph over the dark, don’t be a part of the pack.

Satisfaction at the present state is a myth,

Routes to explore are unimaginably thinner in it.

While you long for challenges to be thrown your way,

The vindictive rats in the race won’t let those possibilities come your way.

An.opportunity, that is all that is needed,

Wonder if one can see through these seeds in me deep rooted.

While the battle is still on,

To a faint ray of hope, I am clinging on.

A hope where I can unfurl my wings,

A hope where I can go beyond the mainstream.

A hope to soar the skies,

A hope for happiness and a pedestal where the world would see me rise.



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