Shrija- A Mystery Unsolved..

Shrija, wake up! You’ll be late for collegeshouted Mrs Dutta. Little did she have the idea what she was to face the next moment. She walked into Shrija’s room- Shrija, will you get up now? It is 8 past 10, you will be late and gave her a push. She was shocked at the touch. Shrija’s body seemed dead cold and she was motionless. Panic struck Mrs Dutta’s face as she shouted for her husband to come to the room.

Mr Dutta scurried into the room listening to her wife scream. He was wondering what came in at this early hour. ‘What is wrong with you Lisa? Why are you shouting and why is Shrija still sleeping?’ Raman, our Shrija, Mrs Dutta could barely speak. Lisa say, ‘What is wrong? You are scaring me now.’ Mrs Dutta burst into tears and amidst cries- ‘Raman, Shrija is not moving, she is so cold.’ Are you mad? Nothing can happen to my daughter. He shook Shrija hard, but she was lying still. He could not believe his eyes and rushed to the hospital, where Shrija was declared dead. The doctors said she died of consuming poison.

Shrija was the daughter of a high profile businessman of Jamshedpur and a student of Tata Memorial College. She was a studious, fun-loving girl. Never had anyone thought in the wildest of their dreams that a disaster as such could happen in their life. The news of her death spread like wild-fire and it was a police case now. Mr and Mrs Dutta had broken down after losing their only daughter.

The police started their investigation promptly. They searched for all possible angles, asked each and every one connected with Shrija but in vain. There was no trace of a love angle from her call records or after a thorough search of her room. The only thing that was discovered was a note for Mr and Mrs Dutta stating- “Maa, Paa! I love you! And I am sorry!” The note broke the old parents all the more.

Pressure was building up on the police as they had no answers to the questions of the media and public. Neither did the couple have an answer as to why their daughter chose to end her life in such a manner. The police tried by all means but could not come up with a conclusion to the case.

It’s been 2 months now since Shrija passed by. The case is still open. But the mystery still sustains related to her suicide. The death note she left for her parents still haunts them. They blame each other for Shrija’s death and their married life is shattered. Both are on medication now and no one knows how long it would take for the family to return to the normal state again. One death changed the destiny and the lives of the entire family. I am sure wherever Shrija is today, she too would repent seeing her parent’s endless suffering and pain. The deed has already been done and in no way can it be reversed.

Had she for once talked to her parents about her problem, then life would have been different. There would have been no black clouds, no fallen marriage and no mystery- Only, had she talked once!”


4 thoughts on “Shrija- A Mystery Unsolved..

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  1. Very Well written short story depicting the importance of Communication… Har insaan ki life me ek shaks aisa hona zarur chahye jisse vo apne dil ki har baat keh sake…

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  2. what do you think why Shrija comitted suicide. I will look through different angle. communication is one part for sure but what made her to do suicide. In 20th century we are putting ourselves in very different shoes. We want freedom, we want to treat differently. all this will chaos and lead to some decision which no one will like………………………..

    I love the part of the story where you have described one scene of life.rra

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