The Glee He

They say he is the happiest person alive,
Why do I feel it is a lie?
They say he laughs, giggles and is so carefree,
Why do I feel it is just a veil?
Is it my emotions or am just overthinking?
I did see him laughing and giggling.
My mum once said, your eyes shine when you smile, your eyes shine when you are really
Why is that I can’t figure that shine in his eyes?
Is it because my sparkle is lost?
Or is it because what I see is the truth he runs from the most?
That evening at the cafeteria, our eyes finally met,
Seemed we just peeked in each other’s soul, while seated.
I wanted to make a move but was not sure if I should,
I wanted to discover the truth, but wondered if he would really want me to?
Not that I was falling for him,
But the dullness I figured in his eyes was so bothering.
I knew I had to speak before time flies,
I blatantly blurted- Your smile is a lie.
He was composed and just plastered a smile,
Motioned me to sit, to which I complied.
He finally opened those perfect lips-
Born as an orphan, grew up in rags, suffered a heartbreak, lost best friend to cancer and
many more,
Seen both rags and riches, trust me, I really want no more.
While I still clench on to my past,
The smile and being glee at all odds is an art I behold,
Miss, I am a puppet to this human show,
And after all, the show must go on!
~~~~Arpita ~~~~~~



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