Wither is in the Air

Have you ever noticed the withering leaves?

Ever wondered how their family feels to see them leave?

autumn daylight fall fog
Withering Leaves

Life is but a series of such reactions,

One takes birth and withers to death, generation after generation.

Yes, the vacuum is not fillable and pain unbearable,

This is the cycle of life and is unstoppable.

No magic wand and no extra terrestrial powers,

Can create the elixir of life and put a stopper to death at any hour.

Yes, these are dark hours,

Countries are demotivated and devoid of power.

One ‘mutant’ is all it took,

To shake the earth from its root.

The nature has its own rules,

Be it seasons or food cycle; to defy it you are none but a fool.

The nature’s wreath is irrevocable,

Caste, creed, community or gender- to it none of these attributes are applicable.

It is time we reform the earth and stand up to our beliefs,


It isn’t far when humanity would shrink to ashes like those withering autumn leaves.


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