May Knocks Again

They say birth months are special,
They say birth months are worth the wait,
And why not?
A bundle of joy joins a family that month.
May is my month,
Traits justify. Yes! I am blunt.
I should be happy and on cloud nine,
But somewhere something won’t just let me be fine.

Daunting memories flash now and then,
Making me remember things I want to keep hidden.
I hate this month with all my might,
And why not?
It is this month, my King boarded his last flight.
Wounds are still soar,
Scars I wish I could cover some more.
Every year, on this day, I long for him from my heart,
It’s similar to the longing of water in the desert.

Wish I could once again hear your voice,
Wish I could see the call flash.
Wish I could feel the warmth of your love,
And stay wrapped in that cocoon and never let you go apart.
I wish this month never existed,
May be then, you would not have left.
I know you watch me from wherever you are,
I know you bless me and walk beside me since the start,

I can feel your presence around,
Papa, no one believes me when I say you are around,
Maa, says, my mind is just doing rounds.
With every intrinsic detail engraved in my heart,
Papa! I wish we never had to be apart,
I wish I could hug you and stay in your arms and never be apart.

My heart stays heavy all this month,
It is difficult to keep emotions in place,
Yes, this is my month!!



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